Home Care

Home Care

This home care client of ours is an industry leader in premium cleaning and restoration products. With the recent launch of their newest product extension, they turned to long-term partner, MBI to implement a media strategy that would get retailer’s attention to secure shelf space, educate consumers of the new product, and drive product trial.

Smart Media Approach

MBI's valuable vendor relationships and Smart Media planning approach played a significant role in the efficacy of the brand's initiative. Our media strategists negotiated an extensive TV campaign with great cost efficiencies, including leveraging a curated package of unsold inventory at highly discounted rates. This was bundled with a digital e-newsletter campaign promoting trial of their newest product.

The campaign covered all three of the brand's demographic targets and yielded an estimated $10 Million in ad value at a sub $4 CPM. Because of mobile MBI's quick response in planning and negotiating the media— coupled with our priceless vendor relationships—the brand secured strong case commitments from Target, Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot, as well as deals with their grocery partners.

During the campaign, the product sold out on their website, so creative was quickly adjusted from a drive to web " CTA to retailer focused CTA, directing their customers to buy in-store.

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The brand succeeded in securing 100% new SKU and shelf space with retail partners and great sell through to both existing consumers and trial with new consumers.

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0 % secured new SKU/shelf space with retail

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$ 0 M yielded in our ad value at a sub $4 CPM

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