Tasty Bite

Tasty Bite

Tasty Bite is an all-natural line of shelf-stable Indian and Asian meals and rice available in all major grocery, natural and club stores across the US. We were tasked with the goal to drive increased sales velocity and increase national HH penetration in 8 key markets.

Smart Media Approach

To increase sales velocity in the 8 key markets, we recommended utilizing the mass reach and efficiency of terrestrial radio. These radio buys were heavily concentrated in Prime, focused on radio formats that would appeal to Tasty Bite's core consumer of busy adults 18-44, and included a "find us in the International aisle" CTA.

To test the incremental effect of digital radio and mobile display with terrestrial, we selected 2 markets for a "heavy up pilot test." Digital radio offered incremental reach, enhanced targeting capabilities and a visual component to aid in recall. The geotargeted mobile display ads were served to shoppers while in-store, and those in retail proximity were served ads dynamically displaying the closest retailer to purchase Tasty Bite products.

We used national print in large reach magazines to drive greater national HH penetration.

all natural tasty bite packaging for indian madras lentils, basmati rice and thai vegetable peanut


Tasty Bite's total average sales lift in the 8 radio markets was up 72% compared to non-radio markets during the same time period. The incremental effect of digital radio and targeted mobile ads in the two heavy-up pilot markets proved successful with 150% sales lift compared to non-radio markets and a 45% lift from terrestrial-only markets. In markets where we ran mobile display only, there was a normalized effectiveness lift of 153.9% compared to radio's 136.6%. While digital was more effective relative to impressions, radio drove 10x more incremental volume. In upcoming flights, we will strategically use both tactics to balance volume and efficiency.

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0 % average sales lift in 8 radio markets

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0 % sales lift in 2 digital radio & targeted mobile pilot tests

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0 % increase in HH penetration vs YAG

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