The Company Store

The Company Store

The Company Store is an online retailer that provides quality comfort through premium bedding and bath products. They faced increasing competition in the direct to consumer market and tasked MBI to grow revenue with positive ROAS through new marketing initiatives. The brand had been dependent on print media for years and was seeking a mass reach campaign to break through the clutter and competitive landscape.

Smart Media Approach

We recognized that not only was cable TV an efficient use of the clients budget but was also a white-space among other bedding advertisers. We capitalized on this and developed an efficient and conservative cable buy to ensure we met the ROAS goal as we optimized. Our team started the campaign with 5 cable networks and closely monitored website and sales activity by network, day of the week and specific dayparts. We found that early morning and weekend spots yielded the highest response rate, which was also a strong editorial alignment for bedding content. We mirrored this placement strategy as we tested into additional cable networks, which ultimately included profitable placements in news, lifestyle and entertainment programming.

Compelling messaging is critical to success. MBI introduced The Company Store to one of our production partners, who produced a precious collection of :15 and :30 units that drove results and starred the most adorable puppies around!

the company store tv commercial advertisement showing puppies under a comforter in a bed


Our initial investment returned a 2x ROAS in their comforter and pillow categories. After proven results, the Company Store increased their budget by 4x, expanding the cable program and adding a radio layer. The Company Store was thrilled to convert new customers as well as re-engage dormant customers that offers the brand significant lifetime value.

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0 X ROAS on initial investment

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0 X budget increase after proven test

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